Out With the Oldie, In With the Newbie


Hey Amigos! A lot of people were wondering where my blog went....and in truth, it took a giant leap off the face of the interwebz for multiple reasons. One being, my extreme digital fist fights with the Blogger format....it was clunky and silly...and I never truly liked working within its parameters of restricted design. I also really wanted to move out of the black whole that catapulted much of my photography onto the internet, which was fashion blogging. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that the endeavor gave me, but as I grow as a human, I see more meaning in explaining work that I pour my heart and soul into, rather than what shoes I'm wearing in a street style photo. I want to explore the realms deep within my mind that are major players in how execute client jobs, how sparks of creativity initially burst, and more importantly, to inspire others through my own process by doing so. 

Alas, here we are, a fresh chapter. I'll begin by saying, the work that I put forth unto this website, this blog, and the world wide web will be diverse in medium, seeing as I like to dabble in anything I can put my little fingers into and soak my noggin in. Being a chameleon IS a necessity in art. You can be really good at one thing...sure...that's impressive...I like to be good at 15-20 things...just in case. Endless nights slaving over photos and paintings, designing outlandish contraptions to wear for shoots.. javascript and HTML5....styling, writing, being a creative director, and entrepreneur, a voice of visual reason, a sponge...

I like to be so entrenched in the multiple facets of our ever growing visual reality that it makes people uncomfortable when I talk about what I'm up to. I like to challenge this world. We only grow out of being plopped into an incubator of uncertainty, and it's this amorphous state that I find comfort...the unknown, the challenge (the thug life as Tupac would say)

Welcome to the thug life, welcome to my world. May we dance in merriment under the influence of caffeinated lattes, good music, and bitchin' design.




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