Plumage of the Equinox

I felt a lot like some sort of shape-shifting manifestation of myself this past year. Months flew by like the graceful molting of feathers, and with multiple mini-catastrophes, a savage bird came forth from the ashes. I don't ever like to go into extreme personal details when it comes to the photos I take, mainly because I find the open-ended interpretation of the viewer to be just as crucial to my progress, rather than restricting the audience to a "this is the photo, this is why it's this way" scenerio. This image, along with the various pyro-heavy pieces were parting of a larger personal journey for me through life. In all people, there are habits, compulsions, and innate coping mechanisms to survive and thrive on this planet. Some people drink like a fish, or do pilates, I force all entities of my emotions into visuals that hint at my soul, but never tell the whole story. What is it that sets your soul aflame? 



Ashley JoncasComment