After going on a brief hiatus from shooting, I'm thrilled to say that I've got both legs back in action and is full speed ahead with a year booked to the max with campaigns and editorial projects. For a few months I was pretty much a hobble-monster, with one foot in the glue factory after a gnarly surgery. You get a lot of time to contemplate the importance of gratitude. We've become a society that thrives on never being satisfied. "I want more than this. Is this it? Why am I settling?" We become addicts to the thrill of complaint and lack appreciation for the most simplest blessings that life could offer. I never realized how lucky I was to be a mobile, active human being until I briefly lost the ability to walk. I never appreciated the stability I had finally created internally until I became disrupted by an influx of negative energy from other people. I didn't take the time to notice how far I've gotten in my businesses and career until I saw people around me struggle to make ends meet. Finally, I never realized how important it is to continue to push for my creative aspirations in photography and visual design until I became incapable of going out and making things.

Be appreciative. Be aware of your blessings. Work harder and stay humble. I had the pleasure of shooting Beyonce's new label "IVY PARK" which embodies physical and mental strength through high-end activewear. It was the first time since surgery that I'v had to athletically move around, and test the limits of whatever was left of my funky little foot injury. The thing about progress is that you achieve more through entering the realm of discomfort to a certain extent. Through pain you grow. Through incredibly tough times, you develop. Through disappointment, you push for change. To embody a force that withstands the limits of human capability though the physical and mental is one of the best ways to conquer the world. Being in a cool little jumpsuit doesn't hurt the effort either ;)

See the full range of activewear on www.ivypark.com

Select retailers include Nordstrom, Topshop, and Zalando. 


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