I thought of you today. 
I looked down at the charred soil beneath my feet and felt its’ lifeless cries. Infinite screams grasping at the treads of my shoes, to be given more time. A do over. But now the world is crumbling; and you, you are the brittle broken grounds we must build from. 
I thought of life.
A life where we stopped fearing that this is it. We rose from the tranquil morning’s light filled with the hunger of progress instead of numbness. I felt the air. I felt the dust graze the sides of my face. That empty cavity encased in ribs beat the rhythmic sounds of time we had left, and with that, the moments panic, of disappointment, of fear, they lifted. 
I thought of you. I thought of where you would fall in the line of fire called fate. Would this world consume you, or would you be the one to help build it back up. 

Or would you crumble, like burnt, dead soil.


Ashley JoncasComment