Roll Yourself to Switzerland : Creepventure 2017

Ello ellloo! 

This year has been very travel heavy for me, which is something I've been itching to slip into my daily life since I was little. Travel has brought me more insight on my purpose, more push to create, more connection with the planet, and more inspiration to pursue spiritual endeavors that have been calling me for a while now. ANYWAYS, travel is fucking important as an artist. Spending a week in Iceland was a transformative moment in my life, but to be honest, there are so many hidden gems a few hours out of the city I call home. A few weeks ago, my dearest friends and I set out on an adventure to fuck with the Pacific Northwest in the most "Ashley-way" possible. We trekked through the rain and mud to the most beautiful places hidden between Washington and Oregon to make art that spoke beyond what the lands were used to....we ate a lot of good food...drank some good drank...and survived a fuck-ton of crazy here are some of the final photos from our epic galavant :)

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