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Admittedly I'm a minimalist when it comes to gear and set-up....and just in life. I'm asked a lot about the lighting I use, the camera, lense...typical "stuff" chat. As an artist first and foremost, The idea and creativity are a million times more important. In fact I fucking hate talking about gear. You need vision. So I'm going to go through some of the "tricks" as to how I got to the image below. The budget was teeny, I didn't use any lighting, and the entire shoot from start to finish took 13 minutes to shoot and 3 hrs to edit. 


The above portrait was shot in my bedroom. Yep. Because at 1pm the natural light is so good, I'd be an idiot to not use mother nature as much as possible. I literally use my sliding door as the frame for the photo, and paint in all textures. 


FUN FACT: This little door has been used for almost half of my self portraits. I'm gratefull to live in an apartment high enough in the city where natural light pours into the window from 3 out of 4 of the walls. 

For a camera, I used a Canon Rebel t5, which is the same one I've used for 3 years. 

Let's talk props now. The things that artistically create an image. If I'm not shooting a designer's pieces, I tend to craft things I see in my head, most often, in my sleep. I'm constantly plagued with these terrifying dreams that I actually can only get over by interpreting them into art. For this image series in particular, it related to a nightmare I had about bugs, but the bugs were actually skeletons of humans. There are ways to be hella literal about it, and say "I'm going to throw tiny skeletons all over my body, because art!!" Or in my case, I try to have a sculptural eye, in that there is interaction between the subject and supporting pieces, but it's all fluid and beautiful. 


I bought these two little bendy skeleton dudes from a craft store for 4$ and painted them glossy black. I had a dented up metal mask from a thrift shop that I also smothered in black paint. I threw on a necklace I already owned, and pulled a black tutu skirt up over my bewberoonies as a top. You don't need expensive couture and headpieces from Istanbul or some overpriced overused designer. It's helpful but FUCK, in a world where EVERYONE is saying they are a photographer, make something that's a one-of-a-kind science experiment!





Hopefully that either sparks a creative burst of energy into your thinking! 

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