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énigme is a multidisciplinary studio combining all visual entities and mediums under one dark umbrella. It’s primary focus is the hybridization of minimalist design, cutting edge concepts, and deep atmospheric qualities.  énigme was launched in 2016 by notorious design hybrid, Ashley Joncas. Her studio thrives on creating imagery that explore ideas beyond this world. It seeks out the various emotive catalysts and unexplainable qualities of our planet as a muse for creating unique works for every client. 

Ashley is most sought out for her skills as both a visionary artist across multiple mediums as well as her unique approach to design.  She began as a traditional artist, and carries the techniques and practices of such roots through every project. Areas of work include photography, compositing, graphic design, branding, creative directing, styling, illustration, environmental design, and video editing. She's always busy but easily lured by coffee.

WE DON'T DO FREE WORK. As an artist and fully functioning studio, all unpaid inquiries will be disregarded. 




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